Are You Planning on Improving Your Health Through Weight Loss in 2011?

The Problem

Did you know that a 5’5” female who weighs 150 lbs is classified as “Overweight”? The same height female who weighs 180 is “Obese”. A 5’9” male who weighs 170 is also “Overweight” and if he weighs 205 he is medically “Obese”.

Obesity (which starts out with being overweight) is one of the leading preventable causes of death in the United States. The prevalence in adults and children worldwide is increasing at alarming rates and researchers view it as one of the most serious public health problems of the 21st century. Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the last 15 years. The World Health Organization declared Obesity a worldwide epidemic in 1997. In the United States obesity is estimated to cause up to 365,000 deaths per year (1000/day). These obesity related diseases are most commonly shown in “Metabolic Syndrome”, also called “Syndrome X”, a combination of medical disorders which includes: diabetes (type 2), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high triglyceride levels.

With New Year’s “resolutions” plentiful and revolving around getting healthier, many people join gyms and start eating “healthier” in hope of losing weight and getting in shape. While this will result in weight loss over time, many people fall back into their bad habits and get back to their busy lives and leave the gym membership and health food for next January, putting off their health for yet another year. Or those diligent few who are successful in losing 20 lbs., but inevitably return to eating “normal” and end up gaining the weight back (and then some).

This is not unusual, but is discouraging nonetheless. Thousands of people go through the annual yo-yo of weight loss then weight gain.

The Solution

At CBP of Idaho we have found the solution for effective and fast weight loss…Ideal Protein. Ideal Protein is an international company that manufactures and distributes products to health professionals. Ideal Protein is the only company in the weight loss industry that provides continuing education, development workshops and private and public lectures on weight loss, nutrition and the application of our products. This is a complete method and not just a simple product!

The Ideal Protein method is actually a line of meal replacement products designed to provide you with the right amount of protein so you won’t lose muscle mass while burning fat, as you would on a general very low calorie diet. Our dieters lose an average of 2.5-7 lbs. per week.

Here are Before and After photos of a Medical Doctor and his family who all went through the Ideal Protein weight loss plan. This diet can be successful for everyone in the family.

Dr. Davis and His Family - Before

Dr. Davis and His Family - After Ideal Protein

We have had other patients reduce their cholesterol 50 points in 2 months, their triglycerides 100 points in 3 months while at the same time looking and feeling better.

How to Get Started

We are offering a FREE workshop on weight loss and the Ideal Protein method with food tasting on January 4, 2011. This is at our office at 6:30 PM. Please call 321-8484 to reserve tour seats and so we can prepare enough food. Or you can skip the workshop and schedule a one-on-one initial consultation (FREE in January when you start the Ideal Protein diet). Call 321-8484 our office to schedule this Free consultation today.

Make 2011 the year you finally achieve your weight loss and health goals and maintain them forever.

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