Ideal Protein


Dr. Joe Betzs story:

Looking at this picture from a year ago, I hardly recognize myself. Being a very busy self-employed business owner, husband and father, I found myself ignoring my health over the past 8 years. Yes, my weight steadily climbed, however, it wasnt the way I looked or the way my clothes fit (or didnt fit) that led me to finally make the decision. After having routine blood work done, I found my cholesterol was significantly elevated. My blood pressure had been steadily going up. This past summer, I investigated nearly EVERY single weight loss program out there. Through this process, I finally decided to make what proved to be a radical life-changing decisionI committed to following the Ideal Protein weight loss program 100%. I had as my goal to lose 40-50 pounds. I achieved this goal in 8 weeks. My cholesterol lowered as did my blood pressure. It has been 8 months and the weight has stayed off.

I lost this weight with ZERO minutes of exerciseno drugs or diet pills, no injections, no surgery! It was all accomplished through the Ideal Protein weight loss program. This highly effective program is only available through a physicians office (including Chiropractic Physicians). I believe that anyone following a physician supervised diet should do so from someone who has undergone the program him/herself. As a result of my fantastic results, I decided to have our office undergo the certification process to administer this program.

We have helped many people lose the weight they have failed to rid themselves of for years. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, dont neglect your weight problem. Ideal Protein has helped thousands of people worldwide lose that weight allowing them to regain their health and take control of their life. If you are ready to commit 100% to taking back control of your health, call today. We will only accept those people who are 100% committed to following the protocol of this diet.

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