Suffering from Neck Pain and Headaches:

When I first decided to see Dr. Betz I did not realize how many years I had been living with headaches and neck pain.  I knew I was taking too much medication and was having rebound headaches, but I did not know how I could break the cycle.  My family physician had no solutions to offer me and I tried regular massages.  I had lived with muscle spasms for over 5 years.  Even my jaw had started to hurt.  I had headaches daily and I was having trouble looking over my left shoulder.  I was old before my time.  After starting my treatment with Dr. Betz, I began to feel relief within the first two weeks!  I cant even tell you how good it feels to live without chronic pain.  My quality of life has improved immensely.  I feel like I got a new lease on life.  Thanks to Dr. Betz and his wonderful staff, I no longer have to take pain medicine.

Sarah, T.

Chronic Pain was Relieved:

Chronic pain was becoming part of my normal life when, almost all of a sudden, it just started getting much worse.  By the time I made it to Dr. Betzs office I was having headaches almost every day and difficulty getting through a days work.  Dr. Betz and his staff custom taliored a treatment plan that had me out of pain in just a couple of weeks.  After twelve weeks of traction we had recaptured 20 degrees in a cervical curve that had given me pain for 6 very long years.  I didnt just get adjustments at CBP® Dr. Betz went out of his way to educate me in the practice of spinal care.  From driving to proper body mechanics at work, I learned how to care for my spine in a preventative way.  The technique used, Chiropractic Biophysics®, is a comprehensive treatment that will address the root cause of your pain, not just symptoms.

Eric B., Massage Solutions

Daily Low Back Pain:

I used to suffer with daily low back pain for years.  My pain kept me up at night and forced me to sleep in a chair instead of in bed.  I tried physical therapy, regular chiropractic care and even consulted with a surgeon.  Nobody identified what was wrong, and no one could helpthat is until I went to see Dr. Betz.  He quickly identified the problem and the Chiropractic Biophysics® treatments were so effective that I can now sleep through the night in my bed, completely pain free!

Larry T.

My Relief from Painful Scoliosis:

I recently had a friend tell me there was a chiropractor in Boise that was able to treat my scoliosis.  I was truly skeptical because it has been a condition I have lived with all my life.  When I agreed to visit Dr. Betz, I was in my late 60s and totally doubtful that anything could be done.  I had struggled with poor self image all my life and truly worked hard by exercising to hide my deformed spine.  I have visited many orthopedic MDs during my life and was always told nothing could be done, except surgery.  I didnt want surgery.  As I agreed to a series of exercises and traction with Dr. Betz and his staff, I was shocked and amazed that there was a remarkable change within the first series of treatment.  The treatment at Chiropractic Biophysics® is truly different from the routine chiropractic visit.  I am now able to do things that I thought I could never do before.  I am on my second round of treatments and I am so encouraged!  My energy level and strength have increased.  I can stoop, bend lift, turn, and walk with a better balance and get up from a sitting position without any help.  I can visually see the difference in my posture.  It is wonderful to pass by a mirror and saylookin good!  It has required lots of diligence and persistence, but it worked.  My encouragement to you is, It is never too late!  Trust Dr. Betz and get started.  The treatment has given me a better quality of life that I never thought could be achieved again.  Sincerely, a forever, grateful patient.

Shirley M.

Pediatric Recommendation for Dr. Betz:

We first started documenting out son’s unusually high number of headaches in 2005, then only six years old. His headaches were so violent they often were accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The only relief he found was finding a quiet place to go lay down, and limiting his activities.

In 2006 we had allergy testing done, made appropriate diet changes that were recommended. By Oct. 2006 his headaches were weekly and his pediatric physician diagnosed him with migraines and offered an Rx for the nausea. Recommendations were pain relievers and rest.

May 2007, now eight years old, his headaches were 4-5 times a week, his MD scheduled a CAT scan to rule out other possible causes. All lab work and scans came back normal. We started doing our own research on migraines. We removed nitrates, additives and dyes from his diet. His migraines reduced to 1-2 times a week.

Early 2008 his physician notes beginning stages of scoliosis. We scheduled an exam with Dr. Betz, and his exam confirmed they physician’s diagnosis.

Dr. Betz formulated a treatment plan for our son based on his health history and the results of the exam and x-rays. Included in his treatment were adjustments and traction using Chiropractic Biophysics. It is now July 2008 and our son, at the age of nine, has been migraine free for over two months. His activity levels are normal; he went through an entire baseball season without migraines.

I highly recommend Dr. Betz. He works amazingly with children and his office and staff are wonderful. Their practice has a comfortable environment that has welcomed our entire family. I can’t say enough about the improvement these treatments have made on our son and our family.

Amy L. and Family